Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Utopian Cabinet

The 2008 elections are over, here is my dream cabinet.

January 2009: Here's the team I want:

President - Arnold Schwarzeneggar (Blogger: David L)--Who better to lead...a guy who battles big state government and unions openly or a guy who fights against waste/corruption in student government.
Vice President - Mitt Romney (Blogger: Brad V)--Both natural leaders who have histories of success (Mitt--Bain Capital, 2002 Winter Olympics; Brad--Beacon/LIB, SJ) and know what is important in life: God, family, freedom, life.
Attorney General - Tucker Carlson (Blogger: Opiate of the Masses)--Will only enforce the important laws and will diminish the state's excessive policing power.
Sec. of State - Mel Martinez (Blogger: Steve S) Excellent communications skills while fighting for American interests abroad. Understand what true freedom across the world should look like.
Sec. of Defense - Pat Buchanan (Blogger: Madison Freedom Fighter-Bob)--Different styles but in the end: Nobody will fuck with us.
Sec. of Interior - Gordon Smith (Blogger: Kellie S)--Making sure both commerce and the environment thrive in our states while holding to federalism principles.
Sec. of Health & Human Services - Tom Coburn (Blogger: Moral Majority)--Moving the National Govermentt away from drug subsidies and excessive regulation. Restoring a respect for life.
Sec. of Education - Michael Barone (Blogger: Jenna)--Getting rid of useless bureaucracy, promoting possible programs that encourage performance pay for teachers, abolishing No Child Left Behind, encouraging school choice and voucher programs.
Sec. of Homeland Security - John McCain (Blogger: Erick B)--Allowing more immigration to occur while keeping the bad guys out.
Sec. of Treasury - Larry Kudlow (Blogger: Jeremy of DP)--Free markets and a pro-growth strategy.
Sec. of Labor - Pat Toomey (Blogger: Fay)--Putting unions in their place while hopefully calling for the abolishment of the department.
Sec. of Commerce - Thomas Sowell (Blogger: Madison Freedom Fighter James)--Will promote free markets, open information, and more outside contracting within the department.
Sec. of HUD - Norm Coleman (Blogger: Anno Domini)--Reducing department drastically. Moving housing subsidizing to more efficient demand-side programs (supply-side, public housing===bad)
Ambassador to France - Nancy Pelosi (Blogger: Badger Blues)--Banished to lament about job security and family farms.
Ambassador to UN - John Edwards (Blogger: Texas Hold'em Blogger)--Let them be annoying and waste their time in a useless organization.

HT: Art Rasputin Red State Diaries


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