Sunday, July 31, 2005

Mendota Beacon Wannabe???

I stumbled upon an article linked off the mainpage of townhall.com called "Not Your Mother's Tupperware Party" and I was surprised to find an article detailing liberalism inside the classroom here at the University of Wisconsin. The editorial featured Dr. Jane Collins of the Women Studies Department 103 and how the class 's message was not only considerably pro-choice but also very representative the entire leftist agenda .

We were merely to digest and regurgitate the indoctrination-heavy suggestion that the words "reproductive rights" and "abortion" are synonomous.

Political legislation regarding abortion grossly misrepresented on a final exam, we were told of the evils of the American health care system, and were taught to regard the birth control pill as manna from heaven.

The author's experience hits home with me as well as many others throughout the university who study the social sciences and humanities yet feel class material, readings, and professors are excessively biased, especially on the left. My classes have not been slanted in terms of reproductive policy but much more towards economic and environmental politics. I encourage everyone to check out the article:


My biggest surprise was that the article was written by none other than Mac Verstandig, editor of the Badger Herald. The funny thing was though that the article said he wrote for The Mendota Beacon. When has Mac ever written for the Beacon...lol. I'm sure everyone on the Beacon Staff will get a kick out of this. Congrats go out though to Mac for writing a fantastic article about the excessive bias in the UW classroom.


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    I read the article the other day, actually. But I didn't catch that!

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