Friday, August 05, 2005

Hate Capitalism--Head to the Sociology Department

Liberal Class of the Year Award: Sociology 125

--"Socialism is the only way"---Erik Wright

Actually he did not say this but go on his class website and see how his class is run, the articles posted on the site, and the lecture powerpoints. How could you come to any other conclusion? Here are the main ideas that he wants you to get from his course. Biased?? I'll let you decide.

Sociology 125 Website: http://www.ssc.wisc.edu/~wright/Sociology-125-2004.htm

1. The U.S. is a Hypercapitalist Society: The U.S. is extreme on most dimensions of capitalism.
2. The market: Markets are not automatically efficient; they have inherent irrationalities.
3. The Market and Freedom: Markets both enhance and restrict freedom.
4. The Prisoners Dilemma and free riders: These are pervasive issues in contemporary society and undermine optimal levels of social cooperation.
5. The Market & Prisoner's dilemmas: The relatively unregulated markets in the United States intensify prisoners dilemmas and free riding problems.
6. Inequality and poverty: Poverty is an American tragedy because it constitutes a clear case of avoidable suffering, especially in the lives of children.
7. The incomplete revolutions of Race and Gender: In the United States over the past forty years there has been significant movement towards race and gender equality, but continuing forms of eliminable discrimination continue.
8. Democracy: American Democracy is real, but crippled by the political power of wealth and money.
9. Social Institutions can be Otherwise: We must reject TINA.
10. Alternative futures: There are many possible futures. Human flourishing will be enhanced by extending and deepening democracy in egalitarian ways.


  • "10. Alternative futures: There are many possible futures. Human flourishing will be enhanced by extending and deepening democracy in egalitarian ways."

    Haha, I doubt it. I'm going to stick with capitalism.

    But yeah, this kind of shit's par for the course. I had Political Science 234 last year with Prof. Ben Marquez. Twice during the class, when lecturing on critical race theory’s use of narratives, he presented the following example narrative:

    "Space aliens come to earth and tell President Bush that they will provide the world with infinite wealth and cure all its diseases, but with one condition - Bush needs to give them all of the world's black people. Marquez then says, 'I think we all know what Bush would do.'*wink*"

    I was appalled. He basically said Bush would commit genocide given the right opportunity. I don't like W for a whole host of reasons, but he’s not Hitler. It’s horrible that these profs are allowed to teach introductory classes with a bunch of intellectually-undeveloped, impressionable freshman. At least upperclassmen occasionally fight back. "Get 'em while they're young" I guess...

    By Blogger Mark Murphy, at 12:23 PM  

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