Friday, November 04, 2005

Random Thoughts

Today I simply wanted to address my last posting and number of other topics that have been cycling through my mind (in a Tom Sowell fashion).

Partisan games are a detriment to government at any level. This last week games have been played by liberals both the National Government and SSFC. Whether it be shutting down public government sessions to the media or repeatedly asking for role call, immaturity and devious actions are uncalled for even in the harsh environment of politics. Representatives that serve the public should be ashamed when their motives are to taint their opponents, distort the truth, or scheme other unethical actions. Conservatives have been guilty in the past (ie Bill Clinton Impeachment Trial) so “no holier than thou” attitude should be held. Instead of playing games, groups of any part of the political spectrum need to be focusing on the issues and working efficiently for change.

Brad Vogel has a list of good ideas on how to reform SSFC and the SEG fee system. I do not know which I prefer but I do know that the system is flawed. The current system is leading to progressively higher SEG fees and higher budgetary requests from GSSF groups. The issues revolving around VPN, mandatory participation, and an unlimited pot of money make my blood boil. My stance within the given system has been to be consistently fair with each group and stand for steady financial principles (even when others do not).

All week I have been pondering the issues revolving around what role values have in determining social policy. Dennis Prager writes in many of his columns of secular, Judeo-Christian, and Muslim values as the main core value systems here on earth. In the US, the battle is clearly between Judeo-Christian and secular values. I would like to propose values that are neutral but I am unsure whether that is essentially the same as secularism. Values and therein laws that are strictly based on science may often lead to policies and societies that are Godless and cold. If we start to place our faith in science alone, human life is devalued, animals can be placed on the level of humans, it is okay for humans to be selfish, and materialism/experience reigns as the central reason for life. Whether the government though should be run according to a particular value system is up for debate? Yet, the government ultimately does have to choose a value system or a mix of value systems when constructing law and order. I am talking in circles but the reason for my last posting was to test where the government’s underlying values when creating social policy. One can argue that with the United States often Judeo-Christian values have been central to law and order. The ACLU disagrees and prefers not only values that irreligious but are extensively secular. I am not sure about where our country is headed in terms of values/norms but I do feel if people’s right to prayer, speech, gun ownership, and privacy are starting to be constrained, we are definitely headed the wrong direction.


  • I finally decided to post a response to your blog,
    I do think you are right when you say that it is impossible to lay down nuetral values that are not in a way secular values, and although I don't think we should have a society founded on secular values I do think its important that people who hold Judeo-Christian values recognize that what we value as important such as the right to prayer, speech and privacy and the way we define them is different then what those of the secular value system define them as. To those who hold the secular values those are just as important and dear to them as Christian values are to us which is why politics is always so divided because both sides think thier values are right and the best, but I think we can both agree that the least everyone can do is treat each others values and opinions respectfully.
    Sorry if I talked in circles and that doesnt make any sense at all

    In regards to you comments about SSFC, I think the way to solve the system is give every organization 9 assistant program coordinators, 3 vice chairs, and numerous other meaningless staff and freeze it. Seg fees would probably only be at about 1300 a person but at least it wont raise anymore, and I mean at least we arent being arbitrary, its only whats fair and consistant.

    By Blogger Kellie, at 11:36 PM  

  • First of all, I think the article you linked is quite off base to begin with. Islam fits very clearly in line with the Judeo-Christian religious, as well as value, structure. I believe that the difference he draws is a false distinction, brought about by the recent attention to radical, fundamentalist, and IslamICIST regimes in certain countries. The reality is that there are Jewish AND Christian groups which hold extreme beliefs. Look at the witch hunts of American history. Look at orthodox Judaism. Look at quakers, mormons, Amish, and menonites.

    As far as the comments made about SSFC, I would like to point out that SOL advocates, even in their budget presentation, the validity of any student's right to choose abstinence. They are not ADVOCATING FOR, or PROMOTING certain sexual practices (other than perhaps safer sex). They are making more information available so that students who chose to engage in certain sexual activities have more information, and making resources available to increase the safety of those students.

    By Blogger BadgerZach, at 10:00 PM  

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