Tuesday, October 25, 2005

SSFC Committed to Getting Involved in the Dorm Bedroom of Students

Tonight, SSFC decided that we should fully fund condoms, condom cases, lube, etc and there was no discussion about whether these are valid uses of student's money or not. Everyone on the committee has no objection about getting involved in student's dorm room besides me. I was the only one to raise the point that students should buy their own condoms, that student's should take responsiblity for their actions, and that students who buy their own condoms or choose not to have sex should not have to fund those that do take advantage of the service. No one even debated the amendment that I put forward to cut a line item that struck condoms from an event. No one else raised the point that having student's collectively fund this is wrong. I am absolutely pissed that when a budget comes before the committee about sex (LBGTCC, Sex Out Loud) that nobody is willing to make legitimate cuts on their services. Fiscally conservative members (Saar, Frey) were even unwilling to drop the condom cases down for Kiernoziak's amendment. Our student money should be going to legitimate resources like education, transportation, etc., not to encourage and fund people's sexual activities. At least there were members in attendance that agreed with me yet they were not speaking at the meeting. In terms of both LBGTCC and Sex Out Loud, the committee loses their integrity and responsiblity in terms of allocating student fees wisely. If this abhors anyone else, please comment.


  • If ASM is going to charge us high seg fees ($650), the least they can do is use some lube because the students are getting it right up the butt!

    By Anonymous Ryan S, at 1:28 PM  

  • Okay, so the best "bang for your buck" for seg fees is for women-LGBT-minority-left-of-center students that enjoy sleeping around and are afraid of the dark (i think that may account for .01 percent of the UW Population) Also,to fully utilize ones seg fees, it is also important to use the morning after pill as much as possible, work out 3 times a day, and have a child. Maybe have an affair with Barrows to round it all off.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:17 AM  

  • Okay, the maturity of these two comments is somewhat telling.

    The issue is not really of who SOL or the LGBTC is serving when it comes to budgets, it's of if that service is cost effective. None of these organizations encourage or endorse any sexual activity. They simply educate on it, and provide students with the necessary information and supplies they need to make informed, safer decisions about their own sex lives. If education, as Tim has said before, is such an important function of GSSF organiztions, why has an issue which is educational been turned into one of SSFC "getting involed in the dorm bedroom?"

    Are there only some things that SSFC can fund education about? It's okay for SSFC to get involved in education about race, or about religion, or about politics, but not about bedroom activities? Explain, please.

    By Blogger BadgerZach, at 5:05 PM  

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