Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Brad Vogel: A Voice for Reform Should be Praised

Though I have just gotten to know Brad through my short stint on Student Service Finance Committee (SSFC), I know his presence will be missed on the board and his legacy in fighting for students and reform in ASM will carry on. Being involved with ASM since his freshman year, he has been strong voice for conservative and apathetic students pressing for an objective student council and student judiciary while insisting on financial responsibility within SSFC. Quick highlights of his ASM career include his controversial removal/resignation from the Student Judiciary (September 2004), his fight to cut fat on the ASM budget (January 2005), and then his $1,000 salary cap proposals (April 2005). Even though many of his proposals failed within the confines of traditionally liberal Associated Students of Madison and Student Service Finance Committee, he continually fought for what he deemed right and voiced his concerns amongst extreme opposition. Leaving as a seasoned and clearly pained veteran, I and many others salute you for putting the students first and being an honest, kind, and important member of SSFC and ASM. Your actions speak louder than words.

While he went out with a short, hard hitting, emotional speech last night at the Memorial Union, personally I feel like he could have went out with a bigger bang had he answered questions. Answering questions would have in my opinion led to good discussion fiscal discipline within SSFC and the merits of his ideology.

Here are a few of words from his speech:

“Additionally, I feel a bit more confident of … the composition of the committee,” he said. “I think there are several members who are willing to stand up on a fiscally responsible position for students.”

In a prepared farewell address to the committee, Vogel said SSFC’s concept of viewpoint neutrality is a “sham.”

“Intended on paper to protect the free speech of student organizations, the system, in reality, stifles the free speech of every UW-Madison student,” Vogel said. “Elected representatives are prevented from speaking freely on behalf of constituents to make fiscal decisions.”

Vogel followed with more critical remarks.

“The current [segregated] fee system is little more than an elaborate dance around the core issues,” he said. “It’s also a poor lesson in government for future leaders.”

Feel free to check his blog (Letters in Bottles off the Local Political Escapes link) where Steve and Brad write about various topics including international politics, political economy, local Wisconsin politics/events, etc.


  • Wow, thanks, Timmy. I'm humbled.

    You're definitely one of those voices I mentioned that made me feel I could step off stage without ceding adequate representation for the student body.

    Grab the torch and run with it.

    By Blogger Brad V, at 10:37 PM  

  • As a current Badger Herald Columnist, I got to know brad two years ago when he wrote for us. Those were the days. The joking, the writing of stories, ect. Then he quit to pursue "greener pastures." That happened to be SJ (student judiciary). Well, that went well...got in the paper, and then he quit again to pursue yet loftier goals. Then, he was elected to SSFC. Strange as it may be, I at this point started to drink heavely (that is not related). Well, now...yeah, nothing to write about. I do hope, however, being a Badger Herald Opinon colimnist that I am, that a large tree will fall somewhere. That would be a sweet story. I like trees and therefor, I like America....Dumdumdummmmmm dumdumdummmmm dumdumdummm dumdumdummm dumdumdummmm dummmmdumdummmm dummmmmdummmmmmmdummmmmmmm dummmm dummmudmmm (that was taps...)

    By Anonymous Ray "the Jazzman" Carter, at 12:02 AM  

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